Parish Plans.

There's a plan to try to get the current footpath from Southfield Lane, Silecroft upgraded to a bridleway and cycle path. Eventually this path would go to Millom, without having to deal with the treacherous road. It also needs to have facilities for the disabled. First step, however, is to try to get to Kirksanton! For more information, or to get involved, contact Dot Bowe on 01229 772355

Final Constitution for the Whicham Community Plan Steering Group (Download in Word)

Whicham Community Plan. (Download in Adobe Acrobat)

Minutes of February 2013 Community Plan Meeting. (Download in Word)

Minutes of May 2013 Community Plan Meeting.

Minutes of August 2013 Community Plan Meeting.

Minutes of October 2013 Community Plan Meeting.

Minutes of November 2013 Community Plan Meeting.

Minutes of January 2014 Community Plan Meeting.

Minutes of February 2014 Community Plan Meeting.

Minutes Of November 2014 Community Plan Meeting.

Minutes Of May 2015 Community Plan Meeting.

Whicham Parish Council

Parish councils have their origins in medieval times, in an era when money was seldom used and when few people lived in the countryside. Communities came together in order to organise land management, agriculture and settle disputes.
The current system of parish councils was formed in 1896. There are currently around 10,000 parish councils in the country.
Local councils have evolved considerably over the last 1000 or so years, but one thing remains the same: they are the tier of local government which is closest to individual communities and therefore have the greatest potential for identifying, understanding and addressing the needs of the communities they serve

For further information contact:
Les Butcher Chair of Millom without Parish council
Andrew Fell Chair of Wicham Parish CouncilĀ
Mrs Lesley Cooper Clerk to Millom without and Wicham Parish Councils

Parish Council meetings are usually held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm in one of the two village halls. Anyone wishing to raise a particular issue, or who is interested in Parish business, is welcome to attend. Agenda

Meeting Dates For 2016

Minutes: 5 June 2013

Minutes: 18 July 2013

Minutes: 4 September 2013

Minutes: 13 November 2013

Minutes: 4 December 2013

Minutes: 5 February 2014

Minutes: 2 April 2014

Minutes AGM: 7 May 2014: Annual Parish Meeting 2014

Minutes: 19 June 2014

Minutes: 4 March 2015

Minutes: 1 April 2015

Minutes: 13 May 2015

Minutes: 15 June 2015

Minutes: 1 July 2015

Minutes: 7 October 2015

Minutes: 4 November 2015

Minutes: 2 December 2015

Minutes: 3 February 2016

Minutes: 2 March 2016

Minutes: April 2016

Minutes: AGM 2016; Parish Meeting

Accounting Statement 2016

Governance Statement 2016

Internal Audit Statement 2016

Minutes: May 2016

Minutes: 4 July 2016

Minutes: July 2016


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