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October 2015:

An economic plan for the South Copeland Coast to include a SUSTRANS cycle route link between Seascale and Millom

In September government funding was made available to assist in the production of an economic plan for the South Copeland Coastal region between Seascale and Millom.
A team has therefore been formed representing a range of both private and public sector organisations to work on the plan and whose aims are:

-        Encourage greater local partnership working in coastal areas
-        Support the development of local solutions to economic issues facing coastal communities
-        Work together and with Government to tackle issues facing coastal communities.
-        Encourage the sustainable use of heritage/cultural assets to provide both a focus for community activities and enhanced economic opportunities.

The South Copeland Coastal Community Team will be expected to produce an Economic Plan for the coastal area between Seascale and Millom.

The Economic Plan will contain information on the needs of the area and the challenges it faces, particularly with respect to the local economy, along with the actions that the Team has agreed should be prioritised to help address those challenges. The plan should set out identified means of delivering the actions, such as possible sources of funding and support, or the further work which is needed to develop solutions. The plan for the area produced by the Team should be made public and be published by the end of January 2016.

The team are currently drawing  together several aspects of current locality and community led planning which have already identified potential coastal initiatives which still require development and feasibility work to appreciate their full potential. However the big idea that will tie them together is the concept of a coastal cycle path running down the coast from Seascale to Millom which would impact all the coastal communities it passes through, providing potential for new business opportunities and economic benefits throughout the region. The team is particularly interested in linking this infrastructure development to the improvement of local amenities and attractions for the benefit of both residents and the tourist visitor. Additionally if this plan would be delivered alongside the improvements to the rail network which are anticipated in the next few years then the possibilities for increasing the footfall along the coast connected to the visitor economy is tremendous.
See www.morecambebay.org.uk for a good example of how this could work.

The team are collaborating with SUSTRANS to work up a fully costed and detailed proposal for the National Cycle Route together with specific details of how the project would interact and synergise with other coastal projects such as the Romans at Ravenglass  and Silecroft Beachfront Development amongst others. All this of course will require expenditure on environmental and engineering surveys, public consultation events, landowner engagement and consultation so there is a lot of work to be done.

Have your say Now!
The team would like to hear from the communities along the coastal plain between Seascale and Millom about the economic factors affecting their community and how they see the implementation of a national cycle path impacting the economy of the west coast.  Additionally any creative ideas about what the Cycle Route might be called would also be welcome

You can have your say by contacting either your parish councillors or by contacting the Community Regeneration Officer for the South Copeland Coastal Initiative team on 01229 719657 or emailing eric.barker@copeland.gov.uk

Thank you

Eric Barker
Community Regeneration Officer (Mid & South Copeland)
Copeland Borough Council
01229 719657

June 2015: Beach Development Plans.

The beach front development at Silecroft which is envisioned to become Cumbria’s premier beach destination, is still making progress albeit slowly. The Whicham CIC supported by the regeneration officer from Copeland Borough council are preparing to submit various funding bids to raise the capital costs required for the work which encompasses  replacing the existing car park and toilet block and constructing a new build with modern facilities and a layout which will maximise the natural beauty of the environment without reducing the rugged appeal of the beach and sea views. Currently they are preparing bids for Reaching Communities, Copeland Community Fund, DONG Energy (windfarms) and the Fells and Dales funding from DEFRA. All this takes a long time and then there is waiting for the response which can take up to 8 weeks from some funders. Most importantly though the project group are still progressing towards their vision of  creating a world-class visitor experience for all ages and a quality local amenity for the south Copeland community. They believe that it will be a critical tool in attracting new visitors to the Western Lake District as well as catering for the significant number of users who currently use the beach for a wide variety of recreational activities. “

The project now has planning permission, based on the following outline plans.

As you may know, the background to the project is based on the fact that the present toilets do not have a future.  They are well past their prime, and neither Copeland nor the National Park are prepared to maintain them in the future. 

Maintenance of the car park area is also an issue, so the beach project aims to provide toilets and showers as part of a café & beach shop, proceeds from which will pay for all the required upkeep, and hopefully provide the parish with an income as well.  With the support of the community, the project is ready to apply for planning permission and seek funding. 

Beach Development Plan, download a copy in Adobe Acrobat.

March 2013.

Welcome to our new website! I hope it satisfies the requirements of locals and visitors alike. Its intention is to deliver succinct but comprehensive information on all things that happen in our wonderful Parish, and probably nearby too.

Many thanks to Alex Black for supplying the fabulous landscape shots of the area, and to Nigel Gilligan for his extensive input on natural history, which I will complete uploading in due course

There was a suggestion about a marketplace feature where people could offer items for sale, locally. This would prove difficult to administer, but you are welcome to post items for sale/wanted on our facebook page.

Anyone wishing to contribute information, should send it to philwrigley@sky.com in an easily useable format; Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat, and images as jpegs. Pictures should ideally be reduced to less than 20kB in size, and about 400 by 200 pixels in size.

Village Hall Quiz.

The monthly quiz is the third Monday of the month in the Miner's Arms. 8.00pm for an 8.30pm start, teams of up to four, entry fee £1 per person, raffle prizes and buffet supper. Next one, 15 July 2015.

Local History & Heritage Project.

The Heritage Project is trying to collate information about the history of the area, which will eventually find its way here. Anyone wishing to contribute any interesting historical facts, data, old photographs, old documents, or stories about the locality should send their information to the project co-ordinators. Many thanks, in advance.

CGP Millom Without & Whicham Valley Trust Fund.

CGP (Coordination Group Publications), have funding available for certain types of local projects or events. for example; children's parties, Halloween, Christmas parties, sports days, plays and musical productions.

The fund is also available for maintenance or improvement projects, like; planting trees or flowerbeds, street lighting, additional local policing, maintaining public buildings, churches & village halls, or assisting them hosting events, and welfare projects in general.

Application forms can be obtained from:

Train Times from Silecroft.

Monday to Friday: Silecroft to Barrow.

7:09 / 8:09 / 9:28 / 10:33 / 11.30 / 12:34 / 14:37 / 16:18 / 17:07 / 18:27 / 19:17

Saturday: Silecroft to Barrow.

7:44 / 9:28 / 10:26 / 11:30 / 12:32 / 13:33 / 14:37 / 16:12 / 17:15 / 18:22 / 19:29

Monday to Friday: Silecroft to Carlisle.

6:34 / 7:24 / 9:42 / 10:44 / 11:54 / 13:03 / 14:03 / 15:22 / 17:13 / 18:03

Saturday: Silecroft to Carlisle.

6:30 / 7:39 / 9:39 / 10:43 / 11:54 / 13:06 / 14:22 / 15:22 / 16:05 / 17:57


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